Bridgeport Utilities treats it's wastewater using a lagoon system. Lagoons are pond-like bodies of water that receive, hold and treat wastewater. Water is treated by a combination of physical, biological, and chemical processes within a lagoon. Aeration aids in wastewater treatment, which allows systems to treat more wastewater and use less land area. Bridgeport's system is made up of two lagoons. The first lagoon is aerated and divided by a floating curtain. The second lagoon is called a "polishing pond", because nutrients and disease-causing organisms are reduced to safe levels before the wastewater is returned to the environment.

Bridgeport's Lagoons Cover an Area 8.4 Acres

Bridgeport's Lagoons Have the Capacity to Treat 1 Million Gallons of Wastewater Per Day

Wastewater Treatment Lagoon with Aerators

Wastewater Lift Station

Wastewater Sampling Device